5.cuatro Thereza and you will an open head from inside the a closed community: creator, separate and you may feminist

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5.cuatro Thereza and you will an open head from inside the a closed community: creator, separate and you may feminist

5.cuatro Thereza and you will an open head from inside the a closed community: creator, separate and you may feminist

It is essential to keep in mind that Chico, believed the new “the new genius off audio,” is the only person complimented within the Requiao’s paper note, though he had been inebriated, did not end his speech, and had to exit the fresh phase for assaulting their manufacturer. It’s, hence, you can easily to notice the newest discrimination confronted by female, that happen to be often objectified of the men and you will thought incapable people.

Pursuing the density of them occurrences, Ligia decides that she wants to pursue their particular field since the a great musician however, discovers you to definitely she is pregnant along with her partner’s kids. Which is when she decided you to their own community is more important at one to time: […] we realize that ladies need choose between people in addition to their industry (Ligia’s discussion having Thereza).

Ligia up coming has actually an enthusiastic abortion so you can dedicate by herself totally into the industry and you will cues brand new divorce case records delivered by the their own mother-in-law; she educated discrimination not just to be a divorced woman, however for carrying out a singing career. Whenever she visits this new club, like, with Thereza and you can Maria Luiza, brand new club users getting uncomfortable with the exposure regarding Ligia and you may Maria Luiza, because they did not have the fresh behavior expected at that time for females (each other instead of a husband and working individuals).

Thereza is really not the same as Maria Luiza and you will Ligia, even after plus that have increased social standing. This woman is a woman who was perhaps not linked to the patriarchal community of the time; she was from the personal part related to women (). Thereza ‘s the exception to this rule for having a job given that a journalist, walking throughout the reverse assistance from that which was requested out of women at that time (Pinto, 2017).

Instance exception try attributed to their staying in Paris together with her husband, in which they were dependent on European feminist motions that have been already reshaping the latest part of females regarding neighborhood by way of works and academic ventures (Azambuja, 2006; ). Thereza was a journalist therefore the only woman who struggled to obtain a women’s magazine, this new very-titled Angela.

Thereza’s spouse met with the same unlock head in the female’s role from inside the new neighborhood and offered his wife

In one of the moments, their workplace asks Thereza to hire an alternative editor toward journal, however, Thereza was not finding a writer whom found the company’s profile and you will did not need certainly to hire another men associate:

– Simple: Biology. Men are more concentrated, far more top-notch, faster emotional. If perhaps you were a guy, including, we wouldn’t be that have these conversation.

The brand new collection illustrates the latest bias one Thereza experienced in the workplace to be a lady, getting experienced inferior to their men associates (Azambuja, 2006), even after helping a ladies’ magazine. Whenever contacted by the Helo, a great girl who worked given that a design and you can who had been interested in being a journalist, Thereza used procedures away from discrimination suffered by women, who gained lower salaries compared to dudes, to help you encourage her company to hire her, given that, depending on the sГ¶ta Karibien kvinnor dialog over, new company merely desired to get dudes:

– Yes. I really don’t think it is going to damage getting some other top to help you beautify the area (Thereza and her workplace).

To own Ligia, it had been needed to bother making a choice anywhere between motherhood and you may profession, and as said by the Almeida (2014), motherhood are many cherished part associated with feminine, therefore will be very difficult to get together again motherhood that have community

In that way, Thereza manages to get Helo included in the editorial employees of your magazine. Then, during the an ending up in reporters to close off the next issue of new magazine, Thereza suggests a blog post throughout the women who was basically taking care of the newest framework out of Brasilia so you can emphasize ladies who have been undetectable at that time; yet not, she’s once more discriminated of the category:

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